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Our services include, but are not limited to:

Document translation from one of these two languages to the other: English and Spanish.

Live interpreting, or via video conferencing, Skype, Facetime, or by telephone.

On site Spanish tutoring for business executives, individually or in groups, with emphasis on conversation, using business topics, or those of your own choosing.

Spanish tutoring for Hispanics born in Canada, who may have difficulty communicating with other Hispanics, or who simply may wish to communicate properly in both verbal and written forms. Topics include: Grammar, orthography, syntax, verb conjugation, etc.

English tutoring for Hispanics who may wish to advance their careers and require proper knowledge and use of the English language in order to do so.

Please browse our links to learn more about our services and rates, and please take advantage of the following limited time promotional offer:

We will translate a single, one page source document, up to a maximum of 200 words, FREE OF CHARGE, for you to try the high quality of our services. Document can be in one of the two source languages: English or Spanish, and will be translated to the other.

We are sure you will be very pleased with the results and would want to establish a permanent and lasting business relationship with us.

Note: All of our services are subject to the 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax).



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