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We offer Spanish tutoring to native English speakers and Hispanics. The content and the extent to which grammar and other fundamentals are imparted depend on the current level of knowledge of the language. Also, we offer English tutoring for Hispanics.

Our Spanish tutoring service is oriented mainly towards business executives who may know some Spanish and wish to brush up before going on a business trip to Latin America, or our customer may have absolutely no prior knowledge of the language. Obviously, customers in the latter group may require more learning.

Our methods differ greatly for Hispanics because of the obvious advantage these customers have over the first group, having at least the ability to understand a large percentage of a dialog or written Spanish text, although this is not a hard and fast rule.

Our rates vary depending on whether tutoring is for an individual or a group, on whether you prefer that we come to your location, the distance travelled, the duration of the engagement, etc. Please be advised that we service the GTA. Other locations will require different arrangements.

Please call us to discuss your needs, whether linguistic or locational. We pride ourselves in being very flexible and reasonable, and so are our rates. We will do whatever is feasible in order to secure and maintain your valuable business.

Note: All of our services are subject to the 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax).


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