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Our Expertise

We are native Spanish speakers, well travelled in most of Latin America and Spain, therefore competent to discern the subtle nuances of Spanish, providing translations with proper contextual meaning.

Our experience of over thirty years, dealing with clients of most Hispanic nationalities, have exposed us to curious usage of the Spanish language, which is about 95% the same in its written form everywhere it's spoken. The remaining 5% is sprinkled with local and colloquial words. This has caused many embarrasing moments because of the fact that certain words have different meaning from country to country, and sometimes even in the same context.

We strive to engage you as a regular, satisfied customer, and to meet your most demanding requirements. 



Translation Rates

We offer professional quality, human processed, not automated, document translation. Our rates are based on word count of the translated document in the target language.  Complexity of the language also plays a part in the costing of translation.  For example, personal notes, letters, etc, are the least complex, whereas legal documents are of moderate complexity, and medical and technical documents are the most complex.

Our rates also depend on the volume of the work.  For instance, highly discounted rates are offered for translation of books, catalogs, etc, but are also available for long-term clients that require on-going services. Please contact us if that is the case.

Current rates follow, but may vary from time to time, below:

Personal documents:     Cdn. $0.15 per word.

Legal documents:        Cnd. $0.25 per word.

Technical, medical:     Cnd: $0.30 per word.


Notarizing Fee

All of our translated legal documents are properly notarized to guarantee universal acceptance. Notarizing is an external cost. Please add $40. This will cover Notary Public's costs for up to four (4) documents. Please add $10 more for each document over the count of four (4).

Should you waive our offer of notarizing your legal documents, you still get a statement of competence that is just as good and accepted by most government agencies and educational institutions.

To request a quote on document translation, please attach your document, preferably in a text file (MS Word, PDF, JPG, etc), to an email message to:


Note: All of our services are subject to the 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax).


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