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For information on certification as an interpreter and/or translator, and the stringent prerequisites to become one, please check: www.atio.on.ca

For simple translation of words, short phrases, or idioms, check:





(Somewhat ) useful tip:

Do you know you can translate your Word document (2003 and later) by selecting the word/phrase/sentence/paragraph/selected/all text and clicking on 'Translate' (You may need to install certain optional MS Word components to have access to this free and valuable tool) However, the results are poor.

FREE sounds good to most people, but as the saying goes: "You get what you pay for". You're guaranteed positive results only from a professional translator or interpreter. Do not take chances on your important documents or business dialogs. Give us a call to find out how reasonable we can be.


As well as a scanned JPG email attachment, you may also send us your text via PDF file, to: info@be-clear.ca

To request a quote on interpreting, or for any other reason, please give us a call to:

416-880-9041 (mobile)


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