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Our Expertise

We are native Spanish speakers, well travelled in most of Latin America and Spain, therefore capable or detecting the subtle nuances of the Spanish language used in the dialog, and thus provide live interpreting with the proper contextual meaning.

Our experience of over thirty years, dealing with clients of most Hispanic nationalities, have exposed us to curious usage of the Spanish language, which is about 95% the same in its written form everywhere it's spoken. The remaining 5% is sprinkled with local and colloquial words. This has caused many embarrasing moments because of the fact that certain words have different meaning from country to country, and sometimes even in the same context.

We strive to engage you as a regular, satisfied customer, and to meet your most demanding requirements.


Interpreting rates:

Our interpreting rates vary depending on the setting, the duration of the engagement, on whether it's a brief or long term contract, etc. For instance, video conferencing meetings could be unique, or periodical. In the latter case, discounts will be available if you contract with us to be your interpreting service of choice.

Please call or email us to discuss and negotiate a number of options, since we provide hourly, project, and long term commitment rates.

Contact us

To request a written quote on interpreting, please write or call us with details on the requirements, to: info@be-clear.ca


Note: All of our services are subject to the 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax).




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